Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince

I thought I will have a really good time watching this :( .. . Less action, less adventure but more on love scenes. Lousy ending. I laughed several times, yes, and I screamed once but I'm not pleased at all. Or maybe I expected too much before watching it?? I expected much before watching Transformers II but I enjoyed it a lot! Maybe there's something wrong with how they filmed this series. I seldom see Ron and Hermione. They didn't give much attention to other characters. It's always Dumbledore and Harry, Harry and Dumbledore.. :( I'm disappointed and very dissatisfied. The only good thing about it, they were able to somehow show the important details. I HOPE THEY WILL DO GOOOOOOOD on


Please let the fans enjoy the last series........ :(

Monday, July 13, 2009

Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs

From the very start up to the end of the movie, all I did is laugh. Ellie and Manny, the mammoth couple is expecting their first child. I don't like how they made Manny so obsessed of giving a perfect life to his family that he doesn't seem to care about his friends anymore. I like the 'Manny' better in Ice Age 1 & 2. I like Sid from Ice Age 1 up to this 3rd movie. I'm not really particular of the person behind Sid's character but I think you did well. The way Sid talks' bit difficult yet you managed. Awesome animation. Nothing change that much when it comes to the movements or mannerisms of the characters whatsoever. Diego is fine so as the rest of the characters. I like the parts where there is complete silence and eventually someone gets to get everybody's attention. Sweet scenes = a bit corny. I'm not really good with reviews. But for me, the movie is great. Punch Line + Action is extremely FUNNY!